Saturday, October 13, 2012

8th June 2012

Adopted at Directors meeting 08.06.2012

These amendments override similar elements in previous documents which should be read as amended accordingly.

Fund raising events organised on behalf of ENKCA

There will be no fee levied to the organiser of an event organised on behalf of ENKCA for funds but when recording the financial details of the event a nominal rental figure at the appropriate  ENKCA rate and any nominal charge for crockery, cutlery, glasses will be recorded. Additional cleaning etc should be included in the accounts so that any profit figure would give a truer figure for comparative purposes.

Private\commercial bookings

  1. Fees for accommodation
    1. Current range of fees remains in place but these will now refer to the building (room\rooms), tables and chairs only with amendment as stated in c. below.  
    2. Consideration of a special fee for an event benefitting the community may be given by the Directors on an individual event basis only.  
    3. The current free inclusive use of crockery, cutlery & glasses is withdrawn – see 2 below.
    4. The current list of additional charges for additional services, eg cleaning, staging etc remains as stated and will be revised annually

  1. Use of crockery, cutlery & glasses
    1. A per capita charge – based on the projected number given on the booking form – will be levied as follows:
       > for use of full crockery, cutlery & glasses – eg for a sit down meal or wedding etc – charge of £1 per head
       > for use of limited crockery & cutlery eg for a buffet – charge of 25p per head
       > no charge be made for children’s parties
  2. Cancellation Deposit
    A cancellation deposit will be requested for private\commercial bookings at time of booking, the charge being set in relation to the hire charge for the accommodation being hired (ie. hall, cafĂ©, total venue etc).  The amount of this deposit will be deducted from the total bill following the event\hire taking place
  3. Deposit against breakages, damage etc
    A returnable deposit of 10% of total hire cost (or nearest rounded figure) will be payable on collection of the keys. This deposit will be refunded in total or in part - should there be damage or breakages - following an inspection at the end of the hire period. 


1.   Any classes not open to the public will treated as private lets.

2.  Private people hiring the accommodation, organising & administering the class &
     charging a fee to participants:

           a.    Private individuals or groups providing classes will be charged the private
                  hire rate and no precedent of free hire will be set where the provider
                  benefits financially. 

  1. the current degree of flexibility between the rates for commercial hire &   ENKCA rates will remain at the discretion of the Booking Secretary.  This will allow the cheaper rate to be applied to trial classes etc being held to assess their financial viability\general interest
  2. Consideration of a special fee for an event benefitting the community may be given by the Directors on an individual event basis only.

3.  Classes organised & administered by a community member on behalf of ENKCA
     where the person taking the class is paid a fee.
     The community member is responsible for ensuring that the money raised by the
     classes covers:

           a.  the hire charge of the accommodation being used at the ENKCA
                rate.  Although this cost will not levied, income should exceed this cost.
           b.  all administration costs including collection of fees from participants

           c.  payment of instructor\person taking the class
           d.  any other related charges (eg equipment, refreshments etc) 

Preparation of rooms for future lets

A copy of the  weekly calendar of events in each area will be placed in the ‘Sign in’ book by the person doing the weekly checks so that it may be consulted by those tidying any room after an event.  Where practicable, this will allow persons clearing a room after an event to make an appropriate layout of furniture for the next event.